Traditional Sign writer restoring converted boathouse signs on the Thames shore. A building originally dating back to the 1700s along the shore line of the Thames in Rotherhithe has been converted into housing, but kepts some period features.

The rear of the property, which faced the Thames, actually had a problem to overcome, with a metal railing steps, a fixed & unmovable jacuzzi in the way but was managed.

Marking out the wording for a hand painted sign to be signwritten in Rotherhithe South London on the Thames

As a traditional sign writer restoring any sign, its important to get the spacing, thickness & shape of the letters correct to the original.

This image shows how sign writing the letters can be produced using only a few strokes of the brush

The specialist sign writer tape was used for speed. This reduces the amount of strokes to produce for faster progress.

With the first coat  completed the paint was allowed to dry, so in the mean time work started on the Courtyard signs.

These panels were both arched in shape, but the writing was to be written straight. The door entrance had the Flat numbers sketched out & then just one coat of paint for both the yellow & the black shadow.

The signwriting added was painted using a smaller signwriter quill.

This being produced in around an hour or so. Its not perfect but is neat enough for its purpose & was a last minute addition so could’ve been neater & better designed if planned beforehand.

The lettering was sketched out in the same way for this panel, with the centre of the panel having a gap for a nautical flag to be added the following day.

The following day  I was greeted with low cloud drizzly wet weather. The Fascia was mainly covered by the decking built veranda, but this obviously wasn’t totally waterproof.

The signwriting was far from easy due to moisture, but also as the ladder & platform were getting wetter all the time, increasing the chance of slipping.

Its all about producing a quality durable product, so I gave all the yellow lettering a 2nd coat. This completed the signwriting to the riverside fascia panel

Its more challenging in winter months or extreme heat of summer & delays are almost inevitable.

A job completed in time & with satisfaction of the clients & residents despite the weather

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