Wooden signs bespoke with framing, specialist preparation, with hand painted sign writing to complete.

This was a large project where the client wished for new bespoke wooden signs to be made & painted for their large country house & surounding buildings. They had some existing signs, but liked the idea of the more traditional look.

They asked that all the signs could be wooden & framed, to have their crest on them & given a formal & classy look.

I designed the layouts for each of the signs to begin with so they could sign them off as exactly what they were after.

Then I set about getting the signs made from plywood with hard wood frames

Once completed all the panels were professionally spray primered & topcoated in 2 pac spray paint, so the panels had no brush marks & were well covered so they would last in the elements.

The crest was requested to remain in similar colours & look, but be hand painted.

They were each a different size due to the size difference of each panel.  As can be seen the difficulty was in outlining all the detail, but with a fine sign writing lining brush it was possible.

The image was hand pounced onto the board, then the dark colour sections were added first, followed by the pale & then the white detailing.

The signwriting was produced before any of it, which was measured to be central & also the same height from the base line.

The largest crest they wished for was on signs approx 2ft in size. There was only a pair of these, which were just of the crest & name of the property.

The smallest being not far off the size of a coin. The majority were more on this scale rather than the 2ft sign size.

All the Ivory wooden signs were produced first. They all had matching burgundy signwriting with the same colours used on each crest.

The Ivory signs were for the entrances to either the internal rooms of the main house, or the outbuildings.

The rooms are quite grand & so the signs had to be quite fitting for their locations.

The sign writing had to be as professional & classy, so an specialist sign writer knows which letter syles best suit the signs & location the signs will be fitted

The burgundy signs with the ivory signwriting were for the exterior of the grounds. They have several entrances & wished for a matching sign either side of the entrance gates.

A lot of time was taken to get the sign writing as neat as possible but also getting the detail in each crest to look identical.

A lot of work in one picture. All of the 24 bespoke Signs completed & before being hand delivered to the clients.

A couple of images of the main house, which is a stunning grand property built in 1714 for the aristocratic Orlebar family.

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