Building signage signwritten in Kensington, London for a repeat client who was in need of a sign writer to produce hand painted signs onto 2 matching portico pillars at the entrance of the building they were renovating near the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The clients chose & supplied the font & design, which was questioned that it wasn’t age related, but they ok’d it.

The layout is produced on paper first then transfered to the surface by pouncing, once at the correct height & position. A specialist signwriter quill was used.

Each stroke being applied carefully.

The first pillar completed. As you can see the directional arrow was copied from the design given, but it really doesn’t look right on a historical building. It does smart & neat but looks too corporate for a historical building.

An on site ‘selfie’ of the production of the building signage sign writing. You can see for a bit of speed I have used tape to produced the top & bottom lines of the lettering.

The 2nd pillar completed. No directional arrow needed on this one as its infront of the entrance for those flats or appartments written. Its quite tricky sign writing a cylindrical object to make sure everything is straight & level.

The completed pair taken from the roadside, showing the scale of the signwriting. Any bigger & the wording would’ve wrapped too far round the pillars & been harder to read.

Such a lovely old turn of the 20th century building deserving of nice hand painted sign writing.

Hand Painted Traditional & Contemporary Sign writing in London

Sign writer: Traditional Signs of London