Shop signs london in gold leaf for Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo.

There was sadly complications with the contractors who were given the task of the whole building renovations.

It left it slightly less than ideal to be signwriting in gold leaf within the conditions.

However it was overcome as best as could be. The store front to have gold leaf was to the side of the main double doors.

The facade & whole store frontage was covered by scaffolding & hordings during the renovations, which meant the gilding had to be done in less than ideal conditions.

There was little room for a ladder to reach the facade & the scaffolding was set too far away from the facade surface, so some makeshift planks were made to stand on & balance the equipment on.

It probably wasn’t health & safety complient, especially as the hordings covering the scaffolding made it hard to see due to the lack of light but also as adverse wet weather was able to leak in & made some fo the scaffolding slippery.

The go between building contractors did nothing to assist, so I just did what I could as there was a time frame to be met.

The clients also wished for the store’s street address number to be added to the fanlight above the entrance doors. They wished for a mirror finish with a matte centre to the numerals, which would be black outlined.

The adverse weather affected to the drying of the layers of paint, size & gold due to the gap between the double doors & the unfortunate flooding inside some of the store. There was just far too much moistre for the paint to dry or the gold to stick & dry.

This led to a few problems with the final finsh of some of the work, which would need days to re-produce if errors are caused. as it would have to be started over, not patched in.

The final part of the project was the hardest part of painting or gold leaf shop signs london.

Gold leaf gilding has to be produced on the inside of the window & the window was an old curved victorian panel. This makes sign writing quite difficult, but add to that the very reduced space to paint within as it was a display area & the sign writing was to be at near knee height inside the window but at a waist height outside the window.

The sign writer view of the completed sign writing.  At this point the gold leaf has been ‘backed up’ with more black paint top make the gold fully opaque & to trap the gold to the window.

The gold leaf finished & applied to complete the shop signs london for Uniqlo clothing company on Oxford Street.

The signs once the scaffolding & hordings had been removed.

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