Construction signs restoration, produced for a building contractor firm on behalf of the Civic Council in Fulham & Hammersmith. As usual with these things, the scaffolding wasn’t set an ideal height for painting at. . . . .or for having to wear a hard hat that would fall off every time I had to bend over!

The clients had to ensure all the code of H&S was in place, but it just actually made the painting more impractical. The positioning to paint meant I was crouching for a whole day or kneeling.

There was also little crouching room between the wall & the scaffold poles either side of the scaffold planks. So it was quite cramped.

Working on a ladder would’ve been far easier but is deemed too unsafe in construction these days,

The crest had significantly faded & was in need of a brighten up. All painted using a small decorators brush & signwriter quills.

The first stage was to give the whole crest a thorough clean to get as much grime off as possible. If not cleaned fully the dirt streaks through the paint.

A signwriter painting construction signs is more essential when the crests have text like this.

The white in the shield section of the crest was also painted when the scroll was painted white, as it required a quick dry & 2 coats of paint.

It was more essential to just get the whole crest painted in a day & only add shading if there was time.

All creases, nooks & crannies were painted & a lot of care was taken to ensure no paint got onto the flat stone panels the crest is set on.

A completed image but on the day & before the constrution scaffolding was removed.

Pics of before & after the work was carried out.

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