Sign writing business producing gold leaf gilding on a vintage shop front at the Holborn end of Drury Lane, Covent Garden.

The fascia is titled forward, which was how a lot of shop front sign boards were in the Victorian & Edwardian eras.

The client had already chose the colour of the front & had builders paint it all the same colour.

She then requested for all the lettering to be in Russian gold as she was Russian herself.

It was the client who also chose the letter style (font) & the sizing of the wording, with the request that it should look like others in the area, such as Fred Perry in Henrietta Street.

Their background colour is black, which works better for gold, in my opinion, but despite this shop front angled downwards & being in the constant shadow of the hotel opposite, it was what the client wanted, so I had no problem assisting her with producing it.

The application of the size was produced word by word, with the sheets of 23ct Gold then pressed onto the words once at the correct amount of tack.

There was several rain showers so it meant the last few words were produced under street & head light

It looked all the different upon completion. Being a sign writing business means that to see finished results you sometimes have to return another day to get the better pics.

The final result, which sadly doesn’t look bright in this image, but this is entirely down to the angle of the fascia & the building opposite casting a shadow over it.

So the gold only glimmers in sunlight or nightlight, which was explained to the client before doing the work.

It is however still much better than using gold paint, which a specialist sign writing business I wouldn’t reccomend as it has such a poor finish compared to using real gold.

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