Hand  signwriting on an uneven stippled surfaced exterior wall of a private residence in South London, which the clients requested to be visable from the road, but subtle with a pale grey colour.

A fine block letter was chosen & a sign writer synthetic quill was used to create the letters, once the layout had been pounced onto the surface.

A handy but also just slightly narrow wall provided an ideal height to paint from. As can be seen the surface wasn’t smooth, but with a well mixed consistancy of paint & a good specialist hand signwriting brush, a sharp letter can still be produced.

The weather was changeable which made it tricky at times. The bright sunshine made the white wall dazzling to stare at & when cloud covered it brought a cold wind, which made it tough on the hands.

It was still not rushed & concentration was kept up to get the lettering to a good consistant standard, which is what hand signwriting is all about.

A very happy client ,who pleasingly provided coffee for the worker & were very social too, which was nice & makes the job all the more pleasing & pleasant.

Traditional & Contemporary Hand Painted Signwriting in London

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