Internal brickwork signs hand painted by a signwriter produced on a genuine brick wall, not faux, at the rear of the clients premises in Soho. The clients had designed to have their branding on the brickwork, but this is very difficult to make look the same on a photoshop image to the real thing. The reasons for this are that the brickwork colours can visually hide the wording a little if not contrasting a enough, but also that the paint soaks into the brick as its pourous, which can prevent the wording looking bright enough.

I suggested a drop shadow be added to make the wording ‘pop’ & stand out a little from the brick work but in the end they decided on the white as they felt the burgundy wouldn’t stand out enough on the bricks. the concern was that the white being such fine writing may not show up too well due to the render between the brick sing of a similar colour & thickness.

 The branding for the internal brickwork signs was drawn on paper to the ideal size, then taped into place on the wall, which was measured to ensure it was in the correct place, before it was reliefed onto the wall with chalk so the branding image was visable to be painted.

The refliefed image was a bit difficult to see in the dim lighting & with the colours of the wall, but with care & time & sketching bits with a tailors pencil it was possible to paint.

The most difficicult part to see & write was the script lettering so that was the first part of the internal brickwork signs to be painted. With the same brush the framed border was also painted. This was produced with a dry bush technique & done bit by bit, as producing 1 long stroke would require thinning the paint, which would lead to bleeding.

With the script lettering & border painted the final part was to paint the upper case lettering of the branding. Care is taken to keep the lettering neat & to get paint into all the nooks & crannies of the brickwork where the lettering needs to go. This way the lettering is right at all angles its seen at not just straight on.

The internal brickwork signs completed with the upper case lettering done. From some angles I feel the script lettering is still a bit difficult to read but the clients were really happy with it & thats the main aim.

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