Business entrance signs by a signwriter are generally the street address & business name painted onto its walls or entrance doors. in this instance its on the company’s entrance door. The clients had moved to new offices in Knightsbridge & required the business name on their door in gold leaf. The property has brick pillars but not really wide enough for a plaque or to paint a business name on. It already had the street numbers on the pillars, so the only place to have the wording was on the entrance door.

The property is a converted residential premises and as such doesn’t look like business offices, but the clients don’t require much coming & going or advertising on the building frontage. Therefore they required just a nice classic affluent London appeal for the type of business they are in, which is Chartered Accountacy of Central & West London property.

Several letter types were offered by computer generated visual, including incorporating their logo/branding but they much prefered the fine roman look, which in all honesty & with an expert eye, can say it is far more appropriate for the property & their appeal.

The work to the business entrance signs was started on site by using a template drawn prior to being on site, which was used to measure the lettering in place & guide the signwriting with the brush. The area was also given a dusting of talc to prevent any of the gold leaf sticking to the door istead of the painted letters.

A crisp measured guide for painting makes for a sharp & precise finish to the signwriting. Any business entrance signs need to be produced as well as possible, otherwise the clients would just have the work in vinyl. Although that said real gold can’t be replicated by vinyl very well.

   The Signwriting is produced with a specialist brush & a steady hand. The shapes created to form the letters are crafted by experience. Producing fine serif lettering is something that takes a long time to master. Its slightly more difficult when using a mix of size & paint, rather than just paint, as the flow off the brush isn’t quite as smooth. The size is used to stick the sheets of gold to the door. The area powdered prevents the gold from sticking to the door where the size isn’t painted on.

Some of the excess gold doesn’t so much stick to the surface but can tear off the sheet as the gold is so fine & can come off its backing paper so easily.  It wastes some of the gold & yes that is pure 23ct gold just going to be brushed away, but its really the only way to have good coverage on the lettering.



The gold is allowed to dry & harden to the applied size before the excess gold is ‘burnished’ off (dusted & wiped). This makes gold business entrance signs look crisp & smart, which is the desired look.





The finish to the sign is so smart & professional. Far superior to cheap vinyl which can peel off.







A look the clients were so happy with. It gives that finesse to an otherwise domestic looking entrance. It just gives the professional & high end appeal the clients were looking for.











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