Sign writing quotes onto an internal wall for well known fitness brand, Gymbox, at their Holborn branch. The clients were given 2 options with a differing cost. They decided to chose the more cost effective option, which was using a paint mask. It was suggested that this could prove problematic for several reasons. Firstly that despite being a low tack vinyl, it can peel off some of the paint the wall has been painted with if the wall hasnt been prepared properly. Then the other problem is unless the wall is completely smooth and the vinyl sticks perfectly the paint can bleed.

The clients after much deliberating  time frame delays decided on this option despite the offer of a hand painted signwriting of all the lettering, which would not have had either of those problems, just a longer time consumption to produce.

The sign writing quotes were written out on computer before made into paint masks. To produce paint masks all the letters have to be plucked out from the vinyl, before applying a covering of thin, semi transparent application vinyl. All this is produced in the studio before being on site. Its often overlooked that this work is done before being on a client site and that the material and time consumption have to be covered just as much as the actual on site work.

 Once on site the area the sign writing quotes are to be added to are measured  lines are drawn to make sure the writing will be applied straight even if the board itself isnt straight. The wall was infact a panel of plasterboard, which wasnt ideal for adding a mask to. Unfortunately the clients didnt know what the wall was made of which couldve been checked with a site visit, but I have to charge for site visits.

The wall was down an open plan stairway from the reception of the building, which is industrial looking and consists of carved out concrete. Normall no issue what so ever but on this occasion it was snowing outside, which made the entrance area and area painting in absolutely freezing. This unfortunately caused the vinyl mask to not stay stuck to the wall firmly, which were my initial fears when quoting for the job.

Each section of the sign writing quotes were applied by measuring into place, then peeling the backing paper, sticking the vinyl onto the wall, using a squeegy to apply the vinyl as firmly to the wall as possible, before the applictaion tape layer was peeled off. This made the mask ready for painting.

As predicted the paint bled no matter how hard pressed the mask was onto the wall. this was part due to the surface of the wall, which can be seen wasn’t smooth & the stippled surface made it so difficult to get sharp edges of the letters. Also with the climate inside the building so cold that also prevented the vinyl sticking as well as it could in some areas. In this image it can be seen that the plasterboard also had dents & scratches in it which is never ideal when masking any sign writing quotes.

The painting was produced starting at the base and worked upwards. This was simply due to prefering to work towards a more comfortable painting position. Its not all that comfy painting lying down, squatting or kneeling, so this was all painted first & then the position to paint became more & more comfortable, which is cold painting conditions feels like a win!

Once the final piece of vinyl mask is removed & the letter centres plucked out (weeded).

Sign writing quotes painted onto an internal wall at Gymbox by Traditional Signs of London

The paint bleeds don’t notice much until up close & I guess no-one is planning on standing next to it to read it, Its just for reading as you pass through or can see through the gym window. In that way it was a job well done. I just strive for as professional a finish as possible.

Sign writing quotes written on an internal wall for Gymbox by Traditional Signs of London

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