Acrylic signs are often the choice for this type of building signage but The Stoke Newington Youth Centre formally known as Young Hackney requested a make over with a more professional but hand painted frontage.

The Letter style to match the HMP (Hackney Marsh Partnership) branding at their HQ also painted by Traditional Signs of London.

The cladding on the building posed a slight issue as it was a ‘marble effect’ almost kitchen worktop type of surface. Highly polished with a glittery effect.

It meant marking out with a stabilo wasn’t ideal but a chalk snap line & a pounce was the key to getting the layout produced onto the surface.

Before too far into the project, the drop shadow colour was tested to see if it was going to stand out enough, so it was painted onto just one letter.

Due to the glitter effect in the cladding giving a different background depending on the light. It some light it appears grey & in others a lot darker. It turned out far better than antisipated.

Once all the sign writing was done in white, the base painting of the logos was done & allowed to dry overnight before the colours & wording could be added to them.

The design could was produced using a different size brush & each ‘bowling pin’ of colours getting produced in only a few strokes, to keep the width of them even throughout.

The final piece of wording was added, along with some of the drop shadow completed to the main wording before the crib branding was painted in colours.

The completed crib logo, which was met with a large amount of approval by both the youth workers & the teens They much prefered the hand painted over acrylic signs!

Traditional & Contemporary Hand Painted Sign Writing in London

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