Vinyl stickers are often the cheap alternative for house numbers but the clients  wished for real gold leaf numerals.

The client chose a Bodoni style of sign writing for the numerals, with an outline & a dropshadow. The numbers were drawn out using a chinagraph pencil on the outside as they had a frosted window.

The size/paint mix was applied with neat brushstrokes, in the same way as any other sign writing, using a quill shaped sign writer brush.

The gold leaf (23ct pressed real gold) is then applied with care, with each sheet pressed on & then reliefed & burnished with a soft brush or cloth. It wakes more skill than vinyl stickers & looks far better when complete

The drop shadow is then painted using a sign writer quill, making sure the paint to gold edges leave a crisp finsish, as well as the base lines of the shadow.

The outline is produced last, completing the look. The client wished for a quite a stand out number & as can be seen, with the bold letter style & the size it was painted, it has done its job.

With the property having a receeded entrance, the window & gilding shouldn’t be that affected by the weather & should last the client quite a few years.

Real gold, if not wiped hard to clean, can last up to a century! which vinyl stickers certianly won’t!

Churches & Palaces are proof of this.

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