Workplace signs hand painted for a new development onto walls at a new development in Charterhouse Square between Smithfield Market & Barbican Tube Station.

The architect on the project sent the designs & sizes for the graphics to be painted & they were given via the building contractor company who contracted me for the work.

The design as can be seen in the architects drawing was for the numerals to be painted half in the grey area & half in the cream area. The paper layouts were drawn to the specified sizes & designed signage

The wall paint line was far too close to the fire alarm compared to the architects design & so made measuring & marking out the numbers more difficult, but kept to the architects designs.

The clients insisted on matching water based paint being used. This is more difficult for a sign writer as the paint doesn’t flow off the brush as well as oil based paint.

With the numbers on 6 levels it was a lot of moving kit up & down stairs, so despite there only being the 6 it took over 8 hours to produce them all.

The final product had a very crisp & neat look, which was just as the architect had invisioned & actually commended me in person once the whole project was completed. The numerals was only part of the job.

The other part of the workplace signs was to do outlines of a 5ft male & female silhouette on the walls next to each toilet on all 6 levels, so 12 outlines in total.

Each one was measured & drawn out on each wall & on each level, so all 12 were marked out before any paint was used. This way, the sign writing could be more continuous & more like a production line.

Each level was painted together, so Male then Female outlines & the filling on the grey areas, before moving the paint kit down to the next level, starting on the 6th floor & working downwards.

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