T&Cs & Pricing

Payments & Invoicing

It is professional & a mutual assurance that there is trust on either side of a business agreement.
Prior to work commencement, it has to be acknowledged that the terms are agreed to.

I pride myself on paying in advance for any outlays.

In return I would expect the same respect. If the intention is to have skilled work produced, it’s respectful that I am in return swiftly paid for the work I produce.

I produce a quote prior to a job, which notifies any client that the payment is requested prior to the job required. This not only secures my work to be carried out, but also books in a required date for the completion.

If the requested date is already taken, then it will be the next available date.

This is also the case, should there be unfavorable weather for an exterior job, or should there be any other unexpected delay, such as transport strikes, road closures, illness & so on.

If the project is to span more than one day, then an offer of splitting the total sum may be offered.

There should be no reason why payments can’t be made, as bank transfers can now be instant. If a payment isn’t forthcoming before the job is completed, then I will not complete the work until payment is made.

Should there be an issue with the final product, then please express the reasons & if agreeable then discount or compensation will be given, as a good will gesture.


Additional  Costs

Additional travel time & costing will be taken into account before quoting & invoicing for work to be carried out in the surrounding county locations.

Also work further afield will be considered, but accommodation costs will be added to the quote.

Any parking costs will be incorporated into the quote if the use of the company vehicle is needed to commute or hire scaffolding, trestles, extending ladders or materials such as bespoke made fascias etc.


Delays & Alterations

If delays occur as result of client failing to prepare and paint surfaces adequately or any other factor borne as part of the client preparation including information, design or content changes at late notice, then fees may occur, if altered from the original quotation of timescale or amount of work.

It is down to my discretion to charge depending on the amount of extra work occurring or excess of per hour time consumption.

If the date needs to change due to circumstances, such as weather, illness etc, then the booking stands, but the date is altered.


Methods of Payment

Traditional Signs of London will only accept bank transfers as a form of payment.

On Account: If your company has an accounts dept & I’m needed to be added to the payroll, please notify in advance & please give the date payments within the company are made.