Office signs for the funded community project company in Hackney.

They requested a much more professional look to their Office HQ in the Kingsmead Estate.

After discussions with the client & a few ideas offered, a layout with a modern style block letter with a drop shadow for the company name to stand out, with their logo either side for a bit of colour & balance was chosen.

The contact details were needed so incorporated & kept well spaced & readable.

I offered the idea of adding important wording of what they catered for to be written on the wall spaces beneath the windows, as its a good height for people to notice as they walk by & can trigger thoughts of it applying to them.

The clients loved the idea & that I suggested that the wording be kept to a matching colour of the fascia & window frames for a smart appearance, which vinyl sigmakers don’t really offer & can’t achieve on exterior walls.

Their original office signs were hand painted too, but was far too colourful & was hard to distingush what & who they actually catered for & had the appearnce of a child daycare business or similar.

The company had been known as The Kabin to a lot of the residents for a long time, due to the old sign, so The name was kept, but a bit more subtle signwritten above the front door, on the roller shutter casing

Producing the sign writing on the exterior walls was a little uncomfortable at a low height, but the aid of a big cushion was a great assistance!

They have a cafe to the side of the building, so a sign on the side wall of the corner building was also added to advertise that.

All hand painted sign writing.

The weather was changeable so only the ‘off white’ colour was added to the office signs between rain showers on the first day.

The whole office signs frontage tones in & looks much more classic & professional.

The use of less total contrasting colours actually helps it stand out more than big vinyl signs in red or blue with bright white lettering badly spaced out does.

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