Cafe signs with Sign writing in gold leaf requested by a cleint for his new cafe in Wanstead, which was named as one of the uk’s ‘best high streets’ in 2015 by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

It was requested that the wording was to fill the fascia as much as possible, be in gold & also to either be an italic or a script lettering.

There was a ‘subheading’ board under the main fascia & awning which was requested to also be in gold but block (san serif) lettering.

They also requested that the signwriting be seperated by images of a coffee bean.

The lettering was drawn on a paper layout & then transfered onto the fascias.

The gold leaf was applied one word at a time, but at a pace, so the size mix didn’t dry completely.

This ‘subheading’ panel had 2 coats of size mix, just so the the grained & stippled surface was better covered.

It was essential the gold had good contact to the surface & stuck well, so there was no ‘grinning’ of the size mix showing through the gold.

With the size having several coats to cover on the stippled surface the gold leaf stuck better eventually.

The ‘subheading’ board with the gold leaf gilding completed. The coffee beans painted too,  the client was more than happy with it.

The whole look worked well with the background colour of the building & the contrasting colours of the black & gold.

The street address numerals were added last minute, they added balance to the look & I used the same colour as the shop to blend the signs to the background a little more.

Hand Painted Traditional & Contemporary Signwriting in London

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