Sign writing techniques were needed by a Wine Shop in Walthamstow Village

The clients requested that the building masonry be painted & not the fascia above it.

The fascia had cables & pipework running across it, so would’ve looked untidy & unprofessional.

They designed their own branding, so was a case of producing a layout to the right size to do the signwriting to the correct size both the wall & the produced hanging sign

The surface wasn’t totally smooth, which meant the sign writing techniques were essential.

A nice traditional letter style produced with traditional sign writing techniques is ideal for such a building surface but also with a letter style that has been round so many years as it was designed around being painted not by computer printed

The clients also requested a hanging sign in a traditional looking style.

They again supplied the design they would like.

The bracket was bought in & supplied to them, not bespoke made, just a generic available type.

The panel was bespoke though. Cut to the size they wished for in birch bly. Then given an oil based primer, undercoat & finally topcoat of an off white/cream colour.

They asked for it to be without a frame. The sign writing was done using an approx size 4 sign writer quill brush.

The completed shop front & the swing sign fitted. The shop is only small on the outside, but goes back a long way inside so is very much like the Doctor Who’s Tardis!

They do a great selection of wines & food for any serious wine drinker/collector.

They have even been seen briefly on TV!

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