Building signs by a signwriter are generally the street address & number of the building painted onto its walls or entrance doors.

The client requested the street address & numerals on one side of their front gates to the building. Previously was two brass metal numbers screwed into wall.

These had served a purpose, but a more refined & finished touch was required, So having the building signs hand painted was requested.

The brass numbers were removed, the holes filled with filler, allowed to dry & harden before sanding to a smooth. The building signs were then drawn onto the wall in measured sizing & position.

Hand painted signwriting with a specialist brush was used to produce a much more typical London fine roman (serif) lettering. A matte finish oil based black enamel paint was used. The pillar being typically not overly smooth due to aged wear & tear, but the signwriting was written as precise as possible despite this. Just so care & less speed is required, as well as the skilled technique.

The writing of building signs is all about neatness & skill in producing the serif lettering but its also about knowing where is the best placement for the wording & what size to produce it at. Too high, too low, undersized or oversized on a wall pillar will notice, so this is all part of a signwriters knowledge & expertise.

The finished building signs on the pillar next to the premises entrance gate. It looks more refined & professional from a distance & shows why the height & size of the wording is important.

The signwriting of building signs is so London. It just fits in with the historic surroundings & looks so classic, ornate & high end.

Traditional & Contemporary Hand Painted Sign Writing in London

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