Office signs work for football brand Play Football in London Essex & Surrey.

Originally the clients had a ‘signwriter’ who wasn’t up to the job & was far from neat enough for the standard they would’ve liked.

I was contacted to re-produce their branding onto an interior wall behind the reception area of their branch at White City, Shepherds Bush.

The wall had a matt emulsion on it similar to chalkboard paint.

Due to it being a plasterboard wall, which can soak up the paint, I applied a masonry black base paint.

The sign writing was using a powdered enamel paint over the top for a better coverage & so the walls can be scrubbed clean if need be, with none of the wording coming away.

The clients were impressed with the result, so also had me do their office signs at their new Colchester branch too.

This logo & wall was on a smaller scale. As a result a smaller synthetic sign writer bush had to be used for the ‘football’ word, & couldn’t be produced in one stroke, as the finished lines had to be more precise than that.

The word ‘play’ took 3 coats of paint for get a good consistant coverage.

Preciseness is key when sign writing interior office signs, as the smallest wibbles notice, so it has to be sharp, crisp & consistant finish, which can be time consuming but its the quality clients request & pay for.

We aren’t the cheapest form of sign production, as what we do is skilled & time consuming, but you do get a cared for quality product at the end of it, which notices.

The same clients were impressed enough to have me produce more office signs by sign writing at their HQ offices in Surrey.

They had 2 logos added onto 2 different walls. The reception are & the conference area.

This were the biggest of the logos produced, so more time consuming just getting good coverage with the paint.

Obviously a larger sign writer brush was used to complete the work within the day.

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