Shopfront signwriting by a signwriter add a nice finish to a small business as well as more pleasing to the council in preservation areas that have historic buildings.

The clients had exactly that. A historic shop with a bay window & wooden fascia. Originally they went with 3D lettering but chose a change of look & style. Less in your face than the 3D lettering offered.



The re-branding deign the clients had come up with wouldn’t suit 3D lettering so leant itself well to shopfront signwriting by hand.



Their new branding is a signature script with some very small typewriter style font. This leans itself to shopfront signwriting due to its flow of lettering in the script, but more due to the small text, which a specialist is able to produce crisply in paint without issue. 



A drawing of the logo/branding was produced on paper at the ideal size before taken to site & measured into place. Its then used to relief the image onto the fascia so it can be seen where to paint, but also so it can be wiped clean afterwards.




The fascia had been painted with oil based paint, which is far superior to water based & makes the surface far better & easier for shopfront signwriting. Due to its gloss finish oil based gloss paint was used for the lettering. This just glides off the brush with ease.





The script lettering was produced using a specialist chisel edge pure hair signwriter brush, chosen to the ideal size, which is made from experience.



The script lettering completed & only the small lettering left to paint. This meant a change of brush. Again using a specialist brush but this time a synthetic hair chisel edge. The reason for this being that there is more spring or flex to the hairs, making it easier to produce lettering on that scale neatly with a bit more control.



The marking out is then cleaned off, which is only a case of a wet wiping. This leaves the shopfront signwriting looking sharp & bright. completing the work.









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