Reception sign, painted for a sports fitness, health club company that requested to have their logo on their walls.

The texture of the walls meant that using a vinyl signs would’ve not stayed stuck down, so I was asked to do the sign writing.

The colour requested was a ‘merlot’ . . . .which in sign writing paint terms was mix as close as possible using a brown, maroon & burgundy.

Its all too often that clents request a specific ‘pantone’, which is an ink mixed with cyan, magenta & yellow.

Paint is mixed in a different way using different pigments. To have it mixed to a good brush flow consistancy the paint has to be produced by a specialist, as no companies on the high street will mix enamel (oil based) paint anymore due to health & safety presumably.

This means we have to wait approx a 1-2 weeks for an enamel to be mixed to a clients specific shade.

So if we can mix the paint close enough ourselves, it can save a long delay in getting the work produced.

The reception sign writing had to be crisp & neat with the colour being as close as possible to their branding.

The sign writing had two coats of paint for better coverage & to give a better finish.

Traditional & Contemporary Hand Painted Sign writing in London

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