Restaurant signs painted on a two sided corner building hosting a fresh restaurant in Hatton Garden.

A Spanish Paella eatery on the corner of Hatton Garden & Hatton Wall, Clarkenwell.

It was requested by the clients that the fascia be matching the static projecting sign, which they already had made.

The colours were matched on site, so the client could see it was mixed to a near perfect colour in sign writing enamels.

This was better than using specific a ral colour which would’ve taken a week or two to have ordered & specially mixed, when only a cupful would be used.

It was requested that the fascia has ‘stitching’ incorporated into the design.

Originally they were set to an equal distance from the ends of each fascia panel at 20cm but it was decided, after discussing with the client, that the ‘stitching would look too far away from the branding & wouldn’t be as noticable.

So I gave the client the decision of how far to bring the stitching pattern in from the edges.

Signwriting Restaurant Fascia Hatton Garden

Looking a little like road markings, the ‘stitching’ patterns were added at the agreed spacing.

The branding was then added to the centre of the facade.

A pounce pattern was made & then the lettering was signwritten using a ‘swan’ sign writer brush.

Flat white paint was used & both fascias had one coat applied, left to dry & then given a 2nd coat for a nice opaque finish.

The descriptive text was then applied using the colour matched signwriters enamel. As this colour had more pigment in the paint, it covered better & only one coat was needed.

Giving the flat white a 2nd coat. Despite this job being in June, the weather was freakishly cold, with quite a dafty wind. hence the need for gloves! typical UK weather!

The Hatton Garden facing fascia finished.

The wider Hatton Wall facing fascia completed

Signwriting Restaurant Fascia Hatton Garden

The whole building is a lovely looking feature, the completed fascias, hopefully sympathetic in keeping with the area.

The clients were very pleased with the result.

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