Traditional sign writing fonts painted in Windsor.

A block of resident appartments & houses, which is a period building & is situated on the corner of 2 roads.

As a result the adresses for each entrance can be confusing. Some of the entrances are on one road & some on the other. on top or this there are over two dozen apartments.

The whole set of apartments are called ‘The residence’ Numbers 4, 5 & 6 face ‘Clarence Road’ with the remainder being on ‘Trinity Place’. It is quite confusing!

The existing signs saying ’12 Clarence Road’ & ‘4 The Residence’ were also produced by a signwriter, so it was required that all signs match these.

There were several obstacles to overcome with this. Firstly the surface of the masonry, which was stippled & far from smooth.

The other issue was the positions to be able to paint at. The sloping banister walls have a large drop to the basements each side & they are sloped, so they are hard to stand or kneal on.

It was overcome but did mean a much more time consuming & uncomfotable days’ painting!

It was important that it didn’t affect the finished product & the clients all got a neat crisp signwritten address sign.

The traditional sign writing fonts always look better on this sort of building whether an office or residentual building.

The first one completed. Due to the surface & size of the wording, a synthetic sign writer brush was used.

The defined stucco ‘blocks’ of the pillar at no.5 meant a slightly different sizing & ‘negative space’ (space around the letters) to the form of the wording at no.5.

Kneeling & straddling the banisters while using cushion was not ideal in terms of comfort, but enough to make it possible to do the sign writing neatly.

The surface texture can be clearly seen in this image

The third address was facing the other road, so having the different street name rather than ‘the residence’.

Again as can be seen, more straddling was needed!

The final piece of signwriting was to have the apartments 7-14 added to one of the doors, which is the entrance for each of these apartments, where as 1-6 have their own doors.

It was nice to have a smooth surface! painting traditional sign writing fonts is a lot easier on a smooth surface.

The final look of the entrance not only looked smart but has made it far easier for visitors & deliveries to find the residents!

Traditional & Contemporary Hand Painted Sign writing in Windsor & London

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