House numbers hand painted with sign writing & gold leaf gilding on a transom entrance window at a century old property in Kennington.

The style of numerals were chosen by the client. They wished for outlined & fine drop shadow sign writing as well as having gold leaf.

The numbers were drawn onto the glass with a stabilo pencil for a guide where to sign write but also measured & centred.

Sign writing the last part of the outline & dropshadow, before having to leave it to dry.

This was done on the inside of the pane so the finish would be better, but also for added protection from the elements & window cleaning.

The next stage was to apply the clear ‘size’, which if done well leaves bearly any stroke marks & a smooth finish ready for applying the gold leaf.

The gold leaf is applied to the size & pressed on smoothly.

Once given a little time to dry, the excess is burnished off using a soft hair signwriter brush or make up brush.

The gold is then ‘backed up’ with a fast drying & hardened sign writing paint which seals the gold to the window & makes the house numbers fully opaque.

The completed gilding, showing a smooth ‘matt’ finish.

Its called a matt finish, as the water gilding creates a mirror finish, so the size application looks more matt compared to the mirror finish.

The gold still shimmers & catches the light as you would expect real gold to do.

A view from the front steps of the clients front entrance. They were really pleased with the finished house numbers & even sent a thank you message afterwards, which is all it takes to know you’ve done a good job.

Traditional Hand Painted Gold Leaf Signwriting in London

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