Display signs hand painted on a brass entrance plaque for a set of apartments in Hampstead.

This was a job that required precison sign writing on a small scale.

The brass plaque previously had the wording & numbers stamped on with an ink & due to constant cleaning of the plaque, the lettering had rubbed away.

The clients requested that the lettering & numbers be painted back on. With the cleaning being so regular, it was advised that not only the lettering be painted on but also having a varnish over the top of the lettering to pretect it from wearing away so quickly.

A close up of the sign writing, shows just how precise the lettering had to be on such a small scale.

A fine sign writer quill was used to produce the sign writing.

The building name was to be written above all the buttons, which made it a bit easier for signwriting, as there was some space above & below for steadying & positioning to paint.

The whole thing was at waist height though, so it was all painted while knealing in the entrance.

Each of the numbers had to be painted to the same digit height & also the same distance away from each button. It was much like doing an honour board in terms of letter size/scale.

All of the display signs all visable again, having had frash sign writing applied.

A close up of the signwriting once the varnish had been applied over the top for added protection.

The paint had to be given time to fully dry before the varnish could be applied, which proved tricky as it was heavy rain most the day, so moisture delayed the drytime, but it was achieved & the clients were happy with the finished result.

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