Commercial signs for the American skincare chain Malin + Goetz in Covent Garden

They requested that their branding be hand painted by a sign writer.

A simple branding that had to be executed as crisp & neatly as possible & with a specific ral colour paint.

The layout was produced with exact measurements before being reliefed onto the prepared fascia in the required position.

The signwriting had 2 coats of paint, to give a better quality of finish to the signs.

It makes the lettering more opaque & less able to see the brush strokes.

A simple number was requested in the same style lettering as the fascia sign writing over the entrance door.

This too had 2 coats of paint, but in sign writing terms an easy task.

The finished sign writing on the fascia looking down Monmouth street from the ladder.

Painting commercial signs is in keeping with the street & the architecture.

So much better than vinyl signs. A sign maker not a sign writer would use zingy bright white stickers & not a subtle shade of grey as used on this project.

The Projecting sign was supplied & prepared, so It only needed the sign writing produced & then delivered for the contractors to install it.

The sign writing was measured to be a precise required size & placed directly central to the sign. The painted both sides with 2 coats of paint.

The completed sign writing, with the clients happy with the result & it looking so good in its really nice historically featured building.

Traditional & Contemporary Hand Painted Signwriting in London

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