Signage hand painted on a shop front – An old shop front was aquired by a property development firm, which they had converted to office space.

they requested a traditional signwriter to do the work, which they would use the services of on future developments they aquired themselves.

The large fascia which was pre prepared so just needed the signage applied with sign writing.

However due to the amount of hand painted wording the client requested & the detail on the logo, it meant a 2 day job.

The logo is based on an overhead diagram of Stonehenge & is made up of where the stones were set & the lines of direction they were visit from when it was a pilgrimage ritual site.

The signage layout of all the logo & wording took quite a while & wasn’t helped by the cold wind.

Once in place & all marked out, the sign work wasn’t to bad & the ‘block’ lettering (Ariel Font) was signwritten neatly but at a good pace for hand painted.

The flow of the brush was difficult at times due to the weather, but the sign writing had to be done, so powered through.

The Sign writing on the shop front was mainly just more lettering on the second day.

It was painted quite quickly, despite there being a lot of wording to be hand painted.

Signage to the shop front completed

Traditional & contemporary hand painted sign writing in London

Sign witer – Traditional Signs of London