Internal wall sign produced on brickwork for an advertising design agency in Farringdon at their new premises. The clients requested an internal brick wall to have their branding painted onto it. The branding was a technical challenge due to it giving the impression of a moving image which is made up of 3 colours over lapping & set at slightly different angles. They use the same image format on their advertising campaign for the Independant Newspaper.

The clients branding is based on their head of design’s dog, wearing an open faced helmet & wearing goggles.

The clients wanted their logo branding in the same colours as the advertising they produced for the Independant newspaper, I can image to keep to a theme & also as it would be recognisable post the ad campaign.

The area the internal wall sign was to be drawn was above a tall stairwell which wasn’t a real issue as it just meant using a taller ladder, which could be safely butted up against the foot of the stairs.

The layout for the internal wall sign had been prepared before being on site. This was drawn to scale & then pounced with a pounce tool. This allows a powder to be tapped against the paper & the powder goes through the pricked holes allowing me to se ethe image to paint. This is the best method for adding a design onto a rough surface. As can be seen it was a pretty big design, so it was taped into place in 2 sections. This way the ladder wasn’t in the way when adding the layout to the wall.

The layout on the wall with both sections in place & the design having been pounced with powder.

With the pounce of the design on the wall in the correct place, it save a lot of time drawing on a rough surface & a bit easier to see, although in this case it was still a little tricky, mainly due to so many overlapping lines rather than not being able to see the charcoal dust.

Due to having to spend so much time on the ladder & concentrating on which parts were which colour etc, there aren’t any process shots of the painting being produced. The clients specified the design had an aged or rustic look, so the paint brush was stippled or dry brushed in areas. With the design so difficult to work out, the more aged it would be the less of the design would be obvious so there was a compromise. Their design wasn’t aged in other images such as the framed artwork in different colours, so to make it still visually impacting this was about as rustic as it could look.

┬áThe clients were over the moon with the completed internal wall sign & hadn’t expected it to come out as well as it did given the rough brickwork surface.

The completed internal wall sign from the top of the stairwell & from across the office from the reception area & workers desks.

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