Illuminated Shop Signs replaced by painted sign writing for Daisy Cakes in Clerkenwell, a client starting out a new business in the area. She required the old illuminated shop signs at the premises to be removed & fresh sign writing to be added to a re-painted shop frontage.

This was how the premises looked before work was started. The illuminted shop signs gave the impression that the shop front was flush in line with both the fascia & the roller shutter box, which are common place for shops now & to a degree essential.

The client originally requested that the fascia be flush with the shutter box, but once expained to her the costs involved & the joinery work needed, it was agreed that it was an expense not really needed.

With the illuminated signage removed the original shop fascia was exposed.

An oil based primer was added after the original fasade was fillered  & sanded to a smoother finish , along with the shutter box face

The next stage was to give the whole frontage a covering of oil based undercoat, which is essential to prevent ‘grinning’ of the top coat of paint.

The main colours for the branding were then added, along with a small 3A street address either side of the branding. This completed the fasade sign writing.

The sign writing was then added to the shutter box. I designed it so that the lettering would cover the whole box. It is always better to use letter spacing to do this rather than stretch the lettering as is often done by vinyl sign makers.

The completed cake shop sign writing. As you can see the recess of the fascia from the shutter box doesn’t detract from the overall appearance.

A birch ply framed panel was produced with primer, under coat & top coat, along with sign writing on each side. This formed the projecting sign to replace the illuminated shop signs which was projecting.

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