Restaurant signage by a specialist sign writer in Henrietta Street in Covent Garden.

The Clients had a branding ready to go so just required their design produced by a sign writer who could hand paint it onto their restaurant fascia.

The restaurant had its fascia painted only the day before, so the top line was painted roughly & without tape or cutting in for a straight line.

I mentioned this to the clients & they agreed it needing tidying once completed, as it does distract from the overall look of the fascia.

The branding & layout was measured & pounced into to the correct position onto the fascade.

It was a warm day so the paint dried pretty quickly as the sign writing was painted, which was ideal for being able to give it a 2nd coat.

As is often the case, sign writing in a pale colour onto a dark background is good for visability of the sign, but not ideal for coverage of the paint, so is generally given a slight mix of colour or a 2nd coat.

The main branding with its 2nd coat completed. Please excuse the rough painting of top edge of the fascia!

The sub heading after the first coat of sign writing had been painted on.

The sign writing complete with two coats of paint. As can be seen the sub heading was altered to be an equal measurement apart from the brand name & the base of the fascia. this improves visability, so sometimes a graphic designer’s image has to be altered to suit where its to be written. A traditional sign writer has this eye & experience for this, which vinyl restaurant signage companies have no real knowledge of.

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