Sign writing books shop signs for a newly opening Bookshop in New Cross, right alongside the University campus & buildings

The clients decided on having the typewriter letter style & in a two tone black & white scheme.

They orginally asked for sign writing to be matching on both fascias. However once seen on site, the size difference of the two fascias.

This meant the layout for the wording was better altered to the original design. This isn’t easily altered if having vinyl signs. A sign writer has far better experience of appearance & better spaced wording.

Once all the measuring & layout was in place & had been pounced onto the sign writing books shop was started.

The angle of the old victorian style shop front makes for tricky painting, but luckily I can be versitile & paint upwards as well as downwards.

It might not appear it from the images but the paint grinned a little after the first application, so had to have a 2nd covering of sign writing to make sure the paint was full opaque.

The image below shows the difference between one covering & a 2nd.

The angled shop fronts are much more period & were common in the late Victorian, Edwardian era, so date back to those times, & often need renovating.

This is why so many shops just cover them with plastic panels or illuminated signs instead, but its nice to keep original features & if possible have sign writing instead of vinyl signs, which can ruin the historic appeal of a building.

The shop’s info sign writing on the main road fascia completed, along with the shop’s contact details.

The larger facade had the sign writing balance the wording out.  It makes the shop name more noticable & the info wording better spread either side & in smaller but readable size.

The massive vinyl window signs was only temporary whilst the shop was being renovated ready for opening.

The pavement had some subsidence & was quite uneven by the entrance door, even the road sign was wonky because of it! This made the ladder balancing a little more difficult

A very satisfactory job by the sign writer sign writing books shop client who was a pleasure to chat with & work for on his book shop

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