Gold signs are often the choice for this type of building signage in London as its a classic look & its hard to beat pure gold. Its this reason that I won’t produce this sort of gold sign in a metallic gold paint, as the finish is nowhere near as good as the real thing. On the scale of things its not actually that much more costly to have real gold on a shop front.

This was a job for a repeat client who had previously had a gold sign on their other premises in Fitzrovia & wanted their new premises in Marylebone to match, albeit with a differing name, but then clients would se the link between the two salons.

The first stage when producing a gold sign is to draw a layout for the wording to the correct size. Then position it where is most ideal on the fascia. The layout is then reliefed onto the shop fascade. Once its all on the area the wording is covering is powdered to prevent any of the excess gold sticking to the shop panel, which would just be a waste & although Gold isn’t that expensive when working out how much is needed to cover lettering, it soon adds up when its wasted on ares not needing to be gold.

The ‘size’ (a clear fast drying glue) is mixed with some signwriting paint. With the paint mixed in its more visable to see the signwriting strokes when painting. This is essential when producing the signwriting as sharp edged & neat as possible. It also helps keep the application as smooth as possible, as any runs or thick spots of size notices once the gold has been applied.

Once all the signwriting has been painted on the gold leaf is applied. How its applied depends on the dry time of the size, which can vary depending on the weather temperatures & if there is any wind.

All the gold is applied & then left to dry & harden to the size which was hand painted on by signwriting. There is always some excess which stays attached to the stuck down gold when the sheets are applied & peeled away.

 This shows how well the gold shimmers in sunlight, but also how the excess gold flaps about until burnished off with a specialist soft brush.

All the wording of the gold sign completed. Any blemishes around the edges of the gilding are tidied up with a signwriter bush & the matching fascia panel paint is used if need be.

The clients requested a street numeral on the fascia last minute during the process of producing the lettering. It was drawn out in chalk after they suggested a size they would like & where to have it on the fascia.

This too was gilded in 23ct gold to match the rest of the gold signs look. The final work was a coachline or keyline added with brush & in an ivory oil based paint. This not only matched the fascia at their other premises but gave it a bit more traditional, vintage & classy London vibe. Who knows they’re salon may be regualerly in the background of paparazzi photos as their premise is opposite the swanky & popular celeb hang out, Chiltern Firehouse.

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