Sign writing styles were needed for a very eclectic mix of designs & colours were requested by the clients who were opening up their own tea rooms & eatery in Islington.

They designed all the imagery themselves & wanted it to depict a Chinese style, which is very different to a modest British style.

So it certainly stands out from the crowd.

Due to budget restraints, they requested the fascia to be gold, but gold paint rather than gold leaf, which is never as good, but they were content with the gold paint instead of gold leaf.

The clients designed the letter style & colour combinations. I’m not overly sure what the 45 degree tilt of the lettering is all about. Perhaps its a Chinese style?

Despite the eclectic mix of colours, I think the gold sign writing went well with the overhanging ‘swan neck’ lamps & the red worked with the pink background.

The whole fascia does have a kind of fortune cookie appeal.

The hanging/swing sign was made for them out of plywood, which was primered, undercoated & then topcoated in a colour the clients requested.

It had a design each side which again the clients came up with themselves. It needed different sign writing styles to produce each side.

Really the writing on one side was too small to be readbale from a distance for a hanging sign but was their choice.

Again due to budget, the clients also opted for gold paint signwriting on the windows instead of gold leaf gilding.

I personally wouldn’t suggest this as not only is the finish not as good quality in appearence, but its also very difficult to apply the gold paint when sign writing on glass, as the paint tends to seperate back to oil & glittered pigment.

The interior sign writing styles on entrance door glass were mainly on the doors of the toilets, but also on some decoration

The 45 degree angle of the writing was ok but didn’t seem to work on people graphics, they appeared to be dancing withn broken limbs!

The lower ground toilets had 2 different doors. A standard one & the other was split in the middle, which seemed unusual. The clients had the fascia colour scheme used again for this, so gold sign writing, with a red shadow on a pink background.

Lastly they requested some wall art for the dining area. I prepared a plywood board, which was prepped by sanding, primering, undercoating & then top coated in the chequred pattern with the two colours designed.

The sign writing styles had to be precise & neat or it could have read wrong.

The clients Peiran & Tong Tong outside their eatery ready for business.

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