Traditional signwriting is used for many different types of building, especially in historic London. On this occasion the clients required their office building entrance to have a title & street numeral added to their freshly renovated vintage facade.

A sign writer has more experience & knowledge of the best lettering to have on period buildings, where as a vinyl sign company wouldn’t have that expertise.

This particular job required a nice fine traditional ‘roman’ letter style, which is formed with serifs. The measurements & layout was produced, before the marking out was reliefed onto the facade in charcoal.

A skilled sign writer doing traditional signwriting builds up letters in strokes, rather than just paints it in a ‘one stroke’ with a normal brush. Its produced using specialist signwriting brushes made from birds feathers & animal hairs.

The first word completed as can be seen the signwriting is as precise as can be on an uneven surface such as masonry.

As can be see the ladder is directly in the way of the building entrance, but a step down off it & a move to the side for a brief moment is an easy way for companies to not be affected by the signwriting being completed.

Traditional Hand Painted Signwriting

Building Renovation Signwriter – Traditional Signs of London