House number signs painted onto the transom window glass above the front door at a private residence in Richmond, which had been refurbished by a repeat client of mine.

The property was immaculate & near completion. It was a large Georgian house, with sympathetic materials used to give it a fresh look, but still appear in keeping with the rest of the street, which backed onto Richmond Park.

The transom window was actually about as cropped a pane as you will see. The width was a standard size but its height was around half the size of a regular transom window. The clients requested a 17 numeral, but as it was such a wide but not tall window appature I suggested adding a No. as well.

They liked the idea of this but insited on a black number to remain subtle, but was suggested that black numbers arent very visable on door entrance windows, due to the background seeming dark, despite it being a translucent window.

The numbers would only be visable if the porch/hallway light was on behind the door. They were content with this being the case. Its always best to just explain this to confirm prior to starting though, just so clients are aware.

The sign writing is produced on the inside of the window when doing a house number. Its not essential, but better for keeping fresh looking & pretected. This waay when window cleaners scrub the windows the numbers stay unaffected.

The centre lines are drawn on in chalk as guides. Then the signwriting is skillfully painted using a specialist sign writer quill brush. The paint is a durable oil based enamel.

The sign writing completed on the inside of the glass looking out. The centre markings still obvious, but they are wiped off.  A house number on glass is more visable when the light is a back drop, rather than when against a dark, non lit backdrop

The completed house number from the outside. It definitely achieved subtle, but hopefully also achieved professional smart & opulent.

It does need the light on though!

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