Sign writing on glass to make ornate house numbers at a property in Archway, North West London.

The window was really ornate with the stained details. It was quite fragile & had warped over the years. The glass in the centre where the numbers were to be applied had a rippled effect & a few ridges running through it.

Sign writing on glass gives a better opportunity for adjustment on site. A sign company adding stickers are only able to provide vinyl cut outs they have made & can’t be altered. A signwriter can make alterations to whatever is needed.

The area was powdered so the gold applied only sticks to the sign writing applied in paint & size by brush.

The size & paint mix was applied with a synthetic sign writer quill brush. The size is left to go almost dry, just slightly tacky before the sheets of 23ct gold are applied.

Once laid on the gold has to be given time to apply to the size fully & the both start to cure to the glass.

The gold is more than covering the lettering. The gold sheets are thinner than paper & as delicate as butterflys wings.

A fine sign writer brush is then used to paint the outlines, once the excess gold has been cleaned off.

The ridges of the glass are noticable making the numbers look ‘wibbly’ but its just the contours of the glass giving that impression.  A specialist quick drying ink was used to paint the outline & shadow, which allowed the completed numbers to have a protective varnish appled over the top.

This is done to prevent any weathering to the gold but also allows the window glass to be cleaned if need be, without it affecting the sign writing

The clients were more than happy with the completed result.

Having a signwriter house number gilding does make a difference when you next door neighbour does his numbers himself. This is the difference!

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