Shop signs in gold leaf for a beauticians in Fitzrovia. The clients had a pink & white branding & theme, but wanted a traditional London look for their new premises.

With it being a period featured shop front, it was requested for a classic look with gold lettering.

As gold paint gives such a mediocre finish 23ct gold leaf is the only option offered, which was agreed would look far more opulent.

This is often the case for shop signs as gold paint is just nowhere near the finish real gold creates.

The sign writing was created after pouncing on the measured layout design to sit central which most shop signs do.

The sign writing was produced with a mix of gilding size & paint. the paint is mixed as size is opaque.

The area is powdered so as little of the gold sticks to the fascia panel as possible & only sticks to the sign writing.

The weather wasn’t ideal to do all the sign writing & then apply the gold, so it was produced a few letters at a time & then the gold was applied.

Once all the gold was applied it was left to dry & harden to the sign writing. Then the gold was burnished (dusted off with a specialist soft brush) & cleaned up

The shop signs completed but before they had opened which didn’t look too asthetically pleasing with a contasy of vintage gold leaf & coachline against ultra modern vinyl & design branding

It looked far better once the clients opened & the vinyl signs were removed.

Traditional & contemporary shop signs with sign writing in London

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Traditional Signs of London