Door Signs don’t need to be painted or mounted on the door with 3d metal or plastic numbers, They can be produced by a sign writer on the fanlight or transom window above the front door.

The window door sign is designed & drawn on paper first to size & scale ideal for the window. This one was designed to match the previous sign writing as it was to be restored not changed. As can be seen the previous door signs had seen better days. This had worn due to the cleaning over time of the window & the original signwriting more than likely not having varnish added to protect it.

The process of a bespoke gold sign using gold leaf is to apply the size (glue) to the glass pane first mixed with paint if produced on the outside which in this case it was.

The real gold leaf is then applied to the sign writing & allowed to dry on the size, which is only just tacky to the touch. If its very tacky & the size sticks to your finger rather than the surface, then more dry time is needed.

The gold is then cleaned off leaving the gold only where the signwriting was painted. The black dropshadow is then painted on

Producing door signs doesn’t have to be on the door itself & can be far better on the entrance window instead if you have one.

Use a specialist signwriter for a classy & well designed appeal & bespoke look. Its traditional for a reason. It looked good then & looks good now. It just adds a little more to a vintage property with sympathetic age related features, like its period front door, sash windows, tiled path & porch etc.

The letter style can be produced in many different ways too which adds that personal touch & makes each property individual.

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