Restaurant sign writing finished in gold leaf in Stoke Newington. The look has already been produced by designers & so the wording & layout just had to be measured into place on site.

It was requested that it matched the already produced vinyl signs in the windows. Originally the designers had it designed with the lettering to be just gold, but I suggested that an outline & line shadow should be added to match the vinyl signs on the windows.

Once it was shown why this was needed the designers were in agreement.

Powder is added to the fasade once the layout design is reliefed to prevent the gold sticking to anything but the sign writing.

A good mix of size & paint was used to assist with the crisp edges to the sign writing but also to assist with the gold only applying to the lettering.

It was quite blustery weather wise, so it was important to work fairly quicky so the size wouldn’t dry to quickly.

The gold leaf applied to the signwriting is then left to dry fully before being burnished.

Before the gold leaf was applied to the size to the hand painted sign writing of the business name.

All the lines, both the outlines & the ‘shadow’ lines were all done using a small sign writer synthetic quill.

The signwriting on the branding differed as the main word as it was in a script & had a filled drop shadow instead of a line ‘shadow’ like the other words.

The gold leaf did give the restaurant sign writing a real nice smart classic professional & stylish appeal.

I think it would’ve been nice to have sized the wording a little larger but as said the client was happy with the result & the designers were pleased to see their design transfered into restaurant sign writing

The client Andi Oliver, was finally able to see the completed look to her new restaurant sign writing. She also appears occasionally on TV do show her skills & recipies. She has a big character, which adds to the appeal.

Recently client Andi & her daughter Miquita appeared on BBC tv show 8 Go Rallying in Saigon, taking some time off from Restaurant work.

Client Andi presenting a TV programme with long time friend singer Neneh Cherry

Andi presenting on bbc’s Saturday Kitchen. So hopefully it will bring in a lot of trade for the restaurant.

Andi recently was voted one of the best restaurants in London & got rave reviews in the media

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