Property number painting can be requested by both private residents & building contractors to finish of a renovation. It may seem like a very small job for a signwriter to produce, but it has to incorporate travel time & cost. London is not the cheapest of cities to reach & return from properties in the Capitial, so property number painting is generally a 3 hour section of work from leaving the studio to returning.

It would only be more cost effective if the signwriter requested to paint the number/s were extremely local, generally within the same post code. This is not often the case so this sort of work needs to be seen as such. A specialist painted producing a high end, professional, well written numeral on an affluent premises shouldn’t be seen as a budget option.

The clients which are regularly using my services respect that & prefer someone who can do a professional job with knowledge of the styles the numbers should be painted in.

The first thing to do when central London property number painting is to measure the height of the surrounding property numbers on the pillars, to make sure the numbers are at a correct height. Then its about having the correct ‘font’ for the style & age of the property. This is often where other ‘signwriters’ let themselves down. they also produce poorly painted numbers as well as not having the correct ‘font’.

Once the height is measured the appropraite font is drawn onto the property pillars, making sure both pillars have the numbers set at the correct angle for the street. Ie; angled in towards the steps of the portico, outward from the portico or directly central to each pillar.

 The signwriting is then produced using oil based paint & painted using specialist signwriter brushes. This as well as the skill level of Traditional Signs of London is what creates a professional property number painting in central London on portico pillars & similar masonry or stucco.

This premises in Kensington SW7, had the numerals facing inwards. Above is the completed pillar to the left of the entrance & below is the right side pillar.

The numbers now matching in font type as the numbers in the transom window (entrance glass above the door)

Despite being close in number order, the other property number painting for the same clients produced on the same day wasn’t in the same street. The other was in fact in Earls Court, SW5 .

The same process is used to produce these numbers. The only difficulty this premises has is the railings & tips infront & below where the numbers are written.

 Its important to have the correct font style for period property in London, its not just to be historically accurate but also to keep that finesse that the font types bring. Its also much more what the Borough Councils would like to see in Conservation areas, of which a large portion of Central London is.

These numbers as per those in Kensington are also facing inwards towards the entrance steps. It doesn’t get more traditional, professional & sophisticated than this. Its ideal for both the premises residents & the mordern day Instagram influencer to pose infront of!

Hand Painted Traditional & Contemporary Sign writing in London

 Traditional Signs of London