Traditional Sign writing & gilding for a bespoke tailors in Pimlico using 23ct gold leaf & producing all the sign writing by hand.

The first stage once the design was produced was to sand back the aging & peeling fascia.  The whole fascia was then given 2 coats of oil based enamel paint.

The layout was drawn on paper & measured into the right positions on the fascias before being ‘pounced’ onto the surface. The size is mixed with paint to be more opaque & is painted on with a sign writer brush.

The sub heading all gilt with the gold leaf applied.

Producing gold leaf gilding with detail on small scale takes precision, thats all in the experience of a sign writer gold leaf gilding bespoke work.

With it being winter, it meant the fascia didn’t get finished until it was dark, but with the premises having lighting to show up the fascia, it meant I was able to work to a completion.

These lights could do with being angled to downlight a little more rather than direct onto the fascia, as that tends to reflect the light in the areas its shining on.

The son of the partnership who is eventually to take control once his father retires along with a member of staff

Elliot (E.J.Rowland) is great at what he does, making fantastic bespoke suits & keeping the tradition alive & well.

They also asked if I could improve their crest / shield / coat of arms, which is mounted above the shop. It was very tired & couldn’t really be seen clearly as it had become blended in with the brickwork.

This image is of it before any work was done. It was quite dull in appearance & was in need of a re-fresh.

The first stage was to paint the size onto all the areas that were to be gold.

The gold has to be applied into each nook & cranny. It takes a lot of gold & rubbing to cover it all properly.

The paint was applied with sign writing brushes before the gold leaf was applied

The crest completed before being returned to the premises & mounted back in place.

Traditional & contemporary hand painted sign writing in London

Sign writer: Traditional Signs Of London