Sign writing lettering was produced on a pre prepared fascia for repeat clients The Oystermen in Henrietta Street Covent Garden. the clients had managed to secure the premise that was splitting the premises into two originally, so this meant no relocating but instead an expansion at their current location.

The clients painted over their old sign I produced for them themselves. This is why the top line of the fascia isn’t a neat straight line! I did reccomend it be taped & neatened but they weren’t concerned. they kept the same background colour & made it a consistant panel of colour ready  for the sign writing lettering to be added.

There was issue with setting up the ladder & layout ready for sign writing lettering, as the council decided to try to charge a fine for not having a temporary structure licence. Their man in charge stated the fine would be £900 if neither myself or the clients have a licence & that a licence is £960 for 11 days.

He also stated that this layout of cones is in fact illegal & causes more of a obstruction that if they weren’t there. It was put to him that all visually impared padestrians would have a stick & the stick would hit the cones not the ladder so not to bang into what I’m stood on & allow them to realise there is an obstruction & walk around it.

Added to this, it was also considered by the man in charge that the ladder is considered a temporary structure despite nothing being written on Westminster Council’s website about ladders within the requirement for a temporary licence.

The clients phoned Westminster Council to discuss the issue but the phone number

If you have a general question about temporary structures in the road and highways licensing, please call 020 7641 2000

diverts directly to the officer’s mobile number. So the only person who can tell you the suppossed facts are that officer!

Therefore the clients & myself argued with the officer that not only is there no mention of ladders as a temporary structure on Wstminster Council’s website or application form, but also that any premises owns a section of land infront of their building. That can have what they like on it for display purposes or whatever. The officer agreed eventually that the ladder would need a fine if on the tiled pavement but if moved to the contrete & glass squared area then it was all ok. Ironically this put me at risk as the ladder is set to a more acute angle & i’m more inclined to fall. Where does health & safety begin & stop & where does earning from these issues start & stop!

 The layout is reliefed onto the fascia in chalk. Is visable enough to see close up so sign writing lettering can be painted on, but its not too visable when not up on the ladder.

The main larger sign writing lettering is painted in first. This is so the wfirst coat can dry So after the sub heading is sign written the main branding can be given a second coat. This makes the off white writing fully opaque on a back background. Off white is used to allow for better coverage but also if brilliant whit is used it zings a little too much & if its to zing then vinyl might as well be used. The off white is what make the fascia look more hand painted & have a more vintage appeal.

The sub heading sign writing lettering is painted with a smaller specialist brush. The brush is ideal for both smooth consistant flow of paint but also to creat sharp crisp edges. the writing is also given 2 coats of paint.

The difference between 1 coat & 2 coats of paint can be seen. Colse up on the small lettering it notices but when not colse up it probably wouldn’t but certainly the main branding word would notice from the pavement, so I provide a professional service which ensures the best look for a clients sign & therefore business. Its that attention to detail which shouldn’t be overlooked. When done properly its still obvious sign writing lettering has been painted even when brush stoke marks can’t be seen.

 The double coat makes for a much better looking sign. The matte finish paint looks good enen on a slightly gloss finish fascia. Obviuosly a vinyl sticker can be added quicker & using the same lettering but they don’t replicate the finish sign writing lettering gives a premises looking for a traditional & slightly rustic or caring look that only hand painted gives. It shows their clients that some consideration has gone into achieving the look they have.

The off white has appeal & looks far improved than a brilliant white zinging vinyl sticker

The fascia has been biven subtle lighting which enhances its appeal & rustic charm

The whole ambience of the premises is of a rustic but smart appeal. Kept simple but with nice features. The clients have kept a historic shop fascade & used it to good effect. It adds charm & would only be ruined by gawdy signage. They have just the right look for their trade of champagne & fresh seafood.

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