Property sign writing is something that gives a final professional & high end look that vinyl signs struggle to achieve especially on masonry surfaces.

Its a traditional London look especially on property that is Edwardian or older, of which there is many of in Central London.

This particular property had gone through a renovation to suit the owner for their needs & interior design style. To finish the project they requested the assistance of Traditional Signs of London for the experience in producing property sign writing to match the high end finish of the premises.

The front facade was altered from the existing to have a new lintle, a pair of matching pillars & a shallow set portico. All of which was produced in matching masory. All in an off white/ivory colour but with a stippled effect.

This stippling or pebble dash type render is still paintable but a lot more time is required to get a nice sharp precise finish to the letters or numbers. Property sign writing can be on both smooth or rough render.

A paper layout is produced & in varying sizes. Then the best size can be decided upon & chosen on site. In this instance the client originally wished for a smaller overall letter type but on site visually it was better to go with a sizing that just fit the panel being painted. This was due to such a large area of matching white or ivory was surrounding the entrance & panel. It didn’t want to appear dwarfed by this, as the number needs to be fairly prominant & legible. Also there were 2 matching lamps fitted on each piller. So it was explained to the client that if you have a starting centre point, that the whole image of letters & numbers should have end points at the same angle from each of the lamps. Once this was explained the client was more than happy with the alteration.

The lamps were quite bold & stand out compared with how big the panel where the signwriting was to be. So because of this the signwriting had to seem to fit in with them or the signwriting would’ve seemed too small & a little out of place. This is very important when it comes to property sign writing & where a lot of cheap bought vinyl stickers fall down.

The overall look was much more grand than the property previously looked with the pillars shallow portico & lamps adding to the imposing look. The lettering is a finishing touch. The Lettering couldn’t be any bigger as there always needs to be a ‘negative space’ above & below it, so basically a gap between the egdes of the panel & the lettering.  If this isn’t adhered to the signs will look over sized & untidy & like they aren’t meant to be there. Its a visual thing that the eye takes in & makes the difference when doing fine & quality property sign writing. This is lost on many people & many don’t have faith in a signwriter to have the knowledge but in fact we probably understand it more than architects who go by drawings & not from seeing it on site.

As can be seen there is a lot of white surrounding the lettering & more noticable in sunlight. This is why the signwriting was produced at the size it was decided upon. From the other side of the street the sign looks a much better size than originally wished for You can see that the edges of the sign are forming an invisable guide line from the top of the lamps into a triangle. This is the visual eye guide that signwriters have at their expert knowledge & are able to adjust on site if required. The Trajan letter type style adds so much more finesse to a high end property than the overly bold or more modern looking Bodoni or Times New Roman.

Property sign writing on the masonry is so London. It just fits in with the historic surroundings & looks so classic, ornate & high end.

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