Property signwriting by a professional signwriter is very traditional in London, specifically West London. The style of the lettering and the sizing is very key to the look, which is a finesse of any property renovation.

The property had an existing street numeral painted which looked well produced, but the clients decided they wanted the property’s name on the front wall pillar. It was suggested that if that was the case, to also have some numerals on the property portico pillars. This not only assists in getting the correct mail & deliveries but also looks smarter if produced well.

A mock up visual was produced for them to see how it would be looked if painted traditionally with an No. as well as the numerals and also how the property name would be spaced & sized on the front wall pillar. They loved the improved look and agreed immediately so the work was confirmed.

The property signwriting is started by measuring the ideal height to situate the no.1 writing & finding the middle of the pillar from a front facing angle. The design is then drawn onto the pillars in charcoal.

The signwriting is applied with care using a specialist signwriter quill brush. This assists in the ability to produce crisp sharp serifs & straight neat lines. The more neat the better the final appeal. This is the difference between anyone producing numbers & a specialist producing them.

With the pair of pillars complete it is onto the building entrance gate pillar. This was shown to the clients, how it was to be positioned & look in the shape of a mocked up visual. They loved how classic & high end the lettering would look so had no hesitation in agreeing.

The layout was used to draw the lettering onto the pillar ready for the signwriting to be painted on. This ensures good letter spacing & sizing before anything is painted.

Great care & ability is required to get the lettering as neat as produced. Specialist small signwriter quills are the ideal took along with a mahl stick for hand balance & steadyness.

The positioning of the property signwriting is vital to making it look high end & traditional. The letter type is very important too.

The numbers on the portico pillars were measured to be matching in height, size & position. This leads to a smart tradional & classic look to a valuable property. The more symmetrical the more neater the asthetics are, especially with such a white back drop.

The finished property signwriting on the pillar next to the premises entrance gate & entrance pillars.

It looks more refined & professional from a distance & shows why the height & size of the wording is important.

Property signwriting is so London. It just fits in with the historic surroundings & looks so classic, asthetically pleasing & high end.

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