Gold Leaf Gilding

Gold Leaf Gilding is a technique which goes back centuries, so is not only traditional but historic & yet still as popular today. The reason gold leaf gilding is still so popular, is simply because there is no replacement for using pure real 23ct gold on signs. Gold leaf gilding uses very finely pressed pure gold into wafer thin sheets, which are then applied to the surface of the sign. The process for doing this is technical & skilled, so takes a professional craftsman to produce the work. Once the Gold leaf is applied it works like any other form of gold & will shimmer in sunlight, brighter than any form of paint on vinyl would, & thats why its still used, not just to look wealthy & classy, but gold works in a way no other medium does when reflecting the light. Historically leaf gilding can be found in many places, shop fronts, public houses, churches, office & museum entrances, obviously stately homes & palaces, on plaques, & heraldry, just top name a few. Save Save Save Save

Gold leaf gilding gives that finesse & luxurious look to your business.

Gold leaf tends to show itself best when set to a dark background such as royal blue, burgundy, or black. Real gold gives a great contrast to these colours, but what is also so good about gold, is that due to it being a metal element it doesn’t fade or tarnish, so can be more cost effective in the long run, than a painted or vinyl sign. Some well known companies still use actual gold for their branding, such as Paul Smith, Fred Perry, Fullers Pubs, Burberry, Harrods, Ralph Lauren & so on. Its not just to show a classy product but also because gold & other colour gilding is such a great medium for catching the eye. Due to it being a pure gold, its not one of the cheapest forms of signs, but it is one of the best for a stylist, professional & sleek look when done right.

Varieties of Gold Leaf Usage

Retail Business Shop Fronts

Gold leaf gilding shines & shimers on a retail shop fronts better than any form of paint or vinyl. Its been used for generations & will always give that look of professionalism & quality. It shows a serious smart & sleek look from the shop that only gold can offer. Its shown off at its best on a dark background, but currently a pale green or baby blue seems popular. All retail could use gold leaf,but always looks at its best in a simple letter type & simple background, such as Paul Smith & Fred Perry. Its very Central London & will always be in trend.

Retail Company Window Branding & Advertising

Having Gold Leaf on a window gives the oppotunity for either a ‘matte’ or ‘mirror’ finish. The latter being highly reflective, hence the name. Its pure gold being water gilded onto a window, which stretches the gold to completely flat which allows the light to bounce off the surface & make the gold shine & reflect. Some find that too much, so prefer a matte finish, which matches the look of gold leaf on a fascia, as its produced in a similar method. both make a quality end product & ideal for having window wording so noticable & classy. Traditionally & commonly seen in Pubs down the years, but also in high end retail through history too. Its still a great look & draws the eye, as well as makes a great impression.

Crests, Heraldry, Religious Statues, Clock Faces etc

Gold leaf is the best way to cover an important object with gold embelishment. Crests & Heraldry, such as 3D Royal Warrents & other regalia are ideal for being gilded, as are many Religious Items, Historic Clock Faces, Weather Vanes, Railing tips & Iron Gates etc. This is a process & service I carry out. Either on site or in the workshop. Either way the final product is a nicely burnished quality gold leafed item, that catches the eye, looks regal & lasts a life time.

Honour Boards, Religious, Military or Pub Entrance & Amenity Signs

Dating back over several centuries, Gold leaf has been used for the writing & updating of Honour Boards, in many perstigious Clubs, Schools, Companies, Religious buildings, Military Messes & more. Gold leaf is best for the boards, as the gold reflects the light, which makes the names glimmer. The same can be said of having the gold added to the entrance & amenity signs of prestigious religious or military buildings. Its a sign of class & professionalism that nothing else can match.
Traditional Signs Of London Gilding

Gold Leaf numerals & House Names in Fanlight/Transom Windows

Fanlight or Transom window Gold Leaf gilding gives that finesse to a historic or plush property, but keeps it a subtle finish rather than a obvious & in you face way of naming a property or street numeral. Its a historical thing in Britian & always been popular in London, as it was a sign of quality for your private residence. As its glass, the Gold Leaf is applied to the inside, trapped by ‘back up’ & sealed with varnish. With several forms of detailing to flourish, most commonly a ‘matte’, ‘mirror’ or mixture of both, along with a variety of typeography. Obviously its not the most cost effective way of naming or numbering a property, but thats the point, it shows a finesse of wealth & using pure gold is a way of showing that. Pure gold doesn’t come on a shoe string budget, even if only 1 or 2 numerals!
3D Gold Leaf letters - Traditional Signs of London

3D Gold Leaf Pub & Retail Fascia Letters

3D Letters have been around for well over a century & used in some very well known retail branding such as Hovis above bakeries around half a century & more ago. Its a way of making the wording literally stand out, but adding gold leaf to it makes it genuinely shine! Many Pubs use this method & now retailers tend to use it al lot too, but not so much with the thick/dense made letters & then gilded, but using cheaply made plastic formed versions, which tend to break, crack & comme off the fascias & masonry easily. A quality 3D letter stands the test of time & elements. Either well painted or gold leaf gilded, which coats the letters in a long lasting finish, but the 3D letter themselves can be better made if not in plastic, which turns brittle. Quality products always show through in the end & this is a quality product if produced in the correct way & not cost cut immitated.
Final stage of producing ‘Mirror finish’ Gold Leaf on a Window