Pub signs produced on a late victorian building with a long history.

Originally called the Spread Eagle, but later changed to the Grosvenor, named after the road its located on. Its just across Vauxhall bridge & on the road towards Chelsea.

The pub was in need of a fresh look, from its tired & dated frontage. The landlord chose to paint the walls white & have a black fascia, so the turret cladding was painted black too.

Its fair to say the old vinyl signs & letter style doesn’t suit the frontage.

It was a little difficult to read & not the smartest looking. Not to mention the bad colour scheme of turquoise, burgundy & faux gold vinyl signs.

The first job was to visit the premises & measure the fascias.

The panels (a choice of materials) were cut to lengths, then primered, undercoated & given 2 coats of coach enamel topcoat.

The panels were then installed making sure they fitted as measured & flush with each other. This wasn’t as easy as it looks, due to the top lintle of the fascia being warped & rotten.

The signwriting could then be started. The client chose from a selection designed by myself that would suit the pub signs look & keep with tradition.

All the off white signwriting was produced on the same day. It was measured out to fit the fascias for best legibility & the words chosen to best fit the spacing.

The vintage lamp posed a little problem as It was to be far better not to have wording sit behind it.

The wording was organised by myself to best suit the spacing but be relevent for pub signs & what the Grosvenor sold.

Signwriting of the street numeral was added between the turrets, as there was little space for any other wording & apparently, a lot of people ask where 79 is otherwise!

The subtle dropshadow was then added, which just helps the overall look & tones in the contrast between the lettering & the background.

The client prefered it to be subtle, I personally would’ve prefered a deeper set shadow to make more of a feature of the sign writing.

Sign writing of pub signs by a specialist sign writer is more professional & destinctive than using vinyl signs which can peel

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