Sign writing fonts for the Mae Deli which is a lovely little eatery with a take out option too, where they promote healthy living.

They use their own recipies & fruit & nut based drinks. Its owned by Deliciously Ella who not only has a best selling book, which can be bought in the Deli too, but also now has a range of foods available in supermarkets

The Deli has a chiller for all their own produced range of drinks & needed a suitable notice to suggest this. So it was requested the the wording was added onto the tongue & groove area above the chiller.

I hand painted the wording using a matt finish enamel paint, which lends itself well to an organic appeal & image.

The signwriting fonts being Clarendon, which is the same throughout all their branding.

All the sign writing produced was with a chisel edge sign writer quill brush.

They also have a smoothie bar, which they wanted to make a feature of, so had the sign writing fonts painted onto the wall as a large, noticable feature.

The signwriting again in a matte finish, painted as crisp as possible, using a larger sign writer quill.

It was requested that they needed more visual impact to notify customers that there is space to dine & relax below the smoothie bar

So sign writing was added under the large mirror, half way down the stairway.

It was again hand painted sign writing fonts painted onto a masonry wall.

A directional arrow was added just to make it even more visual impacting & noticable

In the below stairs area, they had 2 matching doors & the customers were regularly confused with which door was the correct one for the toilet.

So the clients requested the wording to be quite large & noticable, using the same sign writing fonts but chose to change the wording to ‘Loo’ from ‘Toilet’ at the last minute.

Traditional & contemporary hand painted sign writing in London

Sign writer – Traditional Signs of London