Office signage produced for a media design company in Holland Park West London, who requested their own design to have hand painted sign writing produced above the front door to their office space.

The clients gave a design they wished to have as their office signage. I was given the task of sizing it to the ideal size & then sign writing it onto the curved masonry above theri front door at their century old building office HQ.

The first stage was to paint on the circle around the street numerals, which had to be cut in, rather than be sign written, as the numbers were to be matching with the wall base colour.

This was to be given 2 coats of matt finish oil based paint for durability but for better coverage & be fully opaque.

The next stage was to give the wording 2 coats of paint too by sign writing it as precise as possible twice in the same positions.

All of the sign writing had 2 coats of matt finish oil based paint, with the fine drop shadow & stars only needing the one coat due to its dark colour.

It would be nice to be able to make a feature of the large curved area of building they have painted too, but that would mean hiring of specialist equipment such as a lift or scaffolding & that would be an increased cost for some office signage but it would be a great stand out feature, so worth it. Maybe in time, but for now the clients were very pleased with their exterior office signage produced for them.

The clients were so pleased they use a pic of it on their main home page screen for their website.

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