Sign manufacturers had previously produced 3d Acrylic signs for clients GlassesLab at their first store in Bromley, but were in need of a traditional sign writer when expanding & opening their new branch in Greenwich.

The area of Greenwich often requires hand painted signs largely due its history & trying to preseve its appeal without any company moving in & apply any gawdy signage to their shop. It add to the appeal for visiting tourists as well as locals, who prefer a vintage appeal of a historical area, not having everything with cheap looking graphics, cheap acrylic & light boxes all illuminated to adversise.

A sign writer is ideal for this as sign manufacturers generally only deal in quick turn around trade & offer cheaper alternatives to compete against other sign firms, but a sign writer produces a more classic, professional, durable stylish sign.

The premises already had its shop front panels prepared, albeit by a contractor who had rushed it & not produced a quality finish.

This made my job harder as not only did I have to expalin that their wood panels may not last as long, but also coluld lead to paint bleed into the wood grain.

The clients were agreed that the contractor had been poor in his work, but if I could just perservere & they would accept the sign may not last as long & that would be the contractors fault & not my own.

I do offer a service to prepare & provide quality lasting shop front boards for the sign writing to be painted to. Not just beacuse I prefer a smooth surface to paint to, but also that the client gets a quality durable end product.

The sublime green colour was mixed on site as so little of it was needed, so no real need for a whole tin mixed at a cost to the clients. They were more than happy with the colour mixed.

Oil based enamel paint was used for durability & a more quality finish. They were also impressed with just how crisp & neat the sign writing of their branding was.

Hand painted doesn’t mean wibbly wobbly writing if you are a professional.

The heading shop sign board more than likely had a stipulation from the council that the branding must be centrally located on the panel & that it could only be a selection of colours for the writing.

I say this as the clients branding usually has ‘Lab’ in the sublime green matching the glasses logo, but in this case had all the wording in an off white.

The completed work showing both shop front panels. It still had the temporary window signs at the time, which is something sign manufacturers specialise in, which sign writers don’t tend to produce.

Their location for the store is vintage & picturesque. Even the adjoining Starbucks has to have painted signs & not any made by sign manufacturers to remain in keeping with its surroundings.

Their sublime creen colour is a lot less visable with the temporary window signs removed. A professional smart & sleek look is more the impression.

They also have some cool interior signage or graphics painted on their wall now they have opened, but this wasn’t produced by myself, although is something I could produce if required.

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