Exterior signs for a bespoke jewellery boutique in Kensington.

They requested that their corner wall be written with the company name on it. These end of terrace/corner pieces of wall traditionally had sign writing on them & most often taken advantage of by pubs.

They would have a sign attched rather than direct to the wall a lot of the time. These signs were known as ‘Saddle’ signs, due to them giving the look of a saddle sat in the middle of a horses back.

This particular wall was a flat surface, but some are curved.

It spanned 2 storeys of the building. Due to this scaffolding was needed, but was ogranised by the clients, as they had already needed it for the painter & decorator firm.

The sign writing was requested to it match the same letter style as on their fascias at first, but then agreed all upper case (capitals) would look a lot neater & smarter, as all letters would be approx the same size.

The overall height measurement was divided by the amount of letters required + a gap between each letter.

This was done with measuring tape, a mark out pencil & then masking tape for more visibility & a guide for straight tram lines.

The sketching of the external signs letters can be seen at the base of the left side of the A.

These were wipe clean so wouldn’t affect the completed look.

The paint was supplied by the client as they wasn’t a specific metallic colour, which was a mix of copper & brown.

It wasnt the ideal paint to use, just was as their chosen colour & meant each letter needed two coats to give an even finish.

The sign writing was done at different heights position wise, as the scaffolding wasn’t adjustable, so some sign writing was produced at a head height, while others were sign written whilst laying or crouching down.

The E was difficult do to the scaffolding hindering a good painting position.

The same was the case for the M. This is just something sign writers have to contend with on scaffolding.

The letters with the guide tape removed.

When in the shade the letters looked a deep brown colour but when the sun hits it or the uplights on the building are on, the copper metallic shines through.

The sign writing finished on the day, showing the scaffolding around the building.

The completed exterior signs sign writing with the scaffolding removed & looking up from the front entrance door

Traditional & Contemporary Hand Painted Sign writing in London

Sign writer – Traditional Signs of London